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Instructions for Readers

Thank you for being a reader. Here are some instructions to help you get started:

Microphone Set Up

- You can record on your phone, computer, or digital recorder

- Bring microphone level to your mouth, not angled down or up, at a distance between 2 - 3 inches from your face (not closer than 2 inches).


Recording Environment

- A carpeted small room, or closet, is best. If this isn't available a place without hard surfaces, like tile floors or lots of windows, is preferable.

-Beware of ambient sound, like fans, ac units, or background sound like buses, cars, or people.

-Do a test. Record 30 seconds for yourself and play it back, if it sounds quiet, no wind, birds, etc. you are good to go.

Press Record

- leave 2-3 seconds gap in the before you begin speaking. This will help me in editing to eliminate ambient sound that may be picked up in the recording.


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