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Can I Borrow a Dollar...or $25,000

It's Christmas break, new year's eve to be exact, and I am emailing two of my life guides (K and B) trying to figure out a plan to ask people for money.

No doubt, I have been saving my pennies, but I want to build a tiny house and its going to take some money. I'm an artist, I can figure this out, right?

Over the break, I am going to take some time to figure out what this project actually is and then how in the world I will pay for it. K and B have so far suggested that the Jerome Foundation as a possibility and I have a phone call scheduled to talk about it with one of the program officers. I can't be the only artist in this city who needs a studio, and an apartment, and can't really afford to keep both. It's also tricky because I'm not an artist known for sculpture or large scale structural work. So the issue so far is 1) jumping scales, moving from small installation works to a house, literally, 2) jumping scales and mediums. These may seem like the same problem but they aren't. Visual Arts is so often separated from design and I am essentially asking potential funders to put faith in an idea that I can't completely and wholly prove that I am capable of executing. I think I can, but will they? That's the challenge.

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