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From a Belly to a Floor

We got started on the mobile live/work unit today. Started in earnest. Robin Hayes of Build Tiny, got in just last night and was up and ready to start working today on the project.

Like Tiny Houses built on trailers there are several steps to getting from a bare steel trailer to a habitable structure.

The first step is the flashing that goes on the underside of the trailer, or what Robin calls, the Belly.

Beginning of flashing the trailer.

This cavity, created in our case by screwing 26 gauge galvanized steel to the under carriage of the trailer, will hold your insulation (I live in Minnesota, and "winter is coming" so gotta have it.)

Trailer flashed and no more crawling around in the sand for me...for now

Today while I finished the flashing Robin leveled the trailer and got started on a plan for the insulation. And then we were joined by my wonderful and brilliant friends. Joanna, Elena, Ana Claudia, and Siddharth. Together, they put the insulation in and then laid down strips of wood for the subfloor to attach to so when we go in in on tomorrow we can get the subfloor down and start framing walls. More images in my next post.

Robin was just amazing all day. She moved through each phase thoughtfully and smoothly and was always teaching. Everyone left today saying how good it felt to be working on this and even how empowering it was to be working with their hands and bringing a house to life.

Pictured here, Ana (insulating), Robin and Joanna (strategizing ) and Ellie (pausing from hammring to power pose).

Tomorrow, there will be walls...

Keep up with me here on the blog and let me know if you have thoughts or questions about what we are doing. If you are interested in learning how to build your own Tiny House, or Tiny Chapel, Robin Hayes will be doing a workshop this October and there is still time to sign up! You can find details at her website Build Tiny, here,

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