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Framing and Sheathing...and Sheathing

The great news is that the framing is complete and we have started to sheath. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of hands to get the walls stood up and squared.

Robin left us last Tuesday with lots of advice and guidance to move forward with so with the help of some friends here and the sheathing is nearly done.

It hasn't been without a few hiccups. Getting small sheets of plywood up is fine with one person, but for the larger sheets it's best to have two people. I know that. But I'm also stubborn and want to keep going and assistance is not always readily available. I've found some tricks from construction folks and come up with a few of my own as well but working 13' off the ground is a cause for caution. Three more sheets 31 3/8" tall and 96" wide. That's all I need to get done in order to have the sheathing complete. A friend is coming to help I just have to be patient and wait.

I will be talking about the project tomorrow on a panel at the University of Minnesota, Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) titled "Beyond the Minnesota Miracle." You can read about it here.

Keep following the progress of the project.

In peace.

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